Payment, cancellation, refund – policies, terms and conditions

  • Bolden follows latest best practices and avails top technology solutions when it comes to payment, cancellation and refunds
  • All payments are to be done in favor of Bolden Ventures Private Limited
  • Payment modes available are: Bank transfer (most economical), credit/debit cards and other private payment services such as PayPal, Payoneer, Transferwise etc.
  • Bolden will bear upto three percent of any costs related to payment such as PayPal fee. PayPal offers very poor exchange rate on currencies and hence we levy an additional charge of 3.5 percent of invoice value if you are paying by this mode
  • Payment terms differ from client to client and payment to invoices has to be done within the agreed terms. Any violations lead to additional charges such late payment etc.
  • Bolden makes partial or full refunds in case we deliver very poor quality work on parameters of relevance, accuracy or completeness
  • Any legal disputes related to payments will be handled in courts in India
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