Book dedicated and only desired capacity of an experienced analyst every month ranging from two hours a day to unlimited. The analyst is equipped with latest collaboration tools such as high definition video calls, shared cloud storage, screen sharing and more.

Business plans and databases

Business plans: Powerful, analytical yet simple presentations for meetings with potential investors, stakeholders and management. We do all content (data, media) and story line on a turnkey basis.
Investor databases: We build simple, useful databases of potential investors for your business. These databases are customized and include details such as person name, company name, investment profile and contact details.

India business hosting

Host your team in India on our payroll and avoid the hassle of legal registrations, vendor searches, people and operations management. We charge a fixed monthly management and operations fee and actual salary of the person to host your business here.

India entry support

Today India is one of the most attractive markets globally. We help companies bring their products or services to India in a phased, risk mitigated manner. We offer end-to-end support starting from market research to legal registrations to real estate and vendor selection. We leverage our panel of thoroughly evaluated vendors.
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