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Idea or opportunity evaluation

Deep dive or scan through the potential of a new business idea or an existing industry and take decisions faster, based on facts. We create industry overview packs, custom databases and more. Industry factpacks have things like industry description, market size and forecasts, key players’ growth stories, market shares and mega trends etc.

Country or market due diligence

We help you find new markets through research based due diligence. We profile target geographies by using macroeconomic indicators such as GDP growth, disposable income levels; demographics, key potential drivers of business, key competitors, cost benchmarking and risk factors for your business.

Vendor or solution due diligence

Detailed analysis of vendors and solutions to find the most reliable fit for you. We create parameters, scorecards and do through reference checks and vendor interviews to come up with a concise report and recommendations.

Sales opportunity intelligence

Get to know about big sales opportunities much before competitors do. Leverage our proprietary web mining tools and experienced analysts, expert in digging out opportunities. Choose to get daily, weekly or fortnightly updates

Acquisition target due diligence

We do comprehensive help you identify or evaluate your potential acquisition targets through intensive research on them. Our research covers all major aspects ranging from business and revenue model, to financial health, incident investigations to management profiles

Industry intelligence

Track competition, clients, regulatory changes and overall industry trends regularly to stay on course of growth. Get detailed reports on product/BU launches, acquisitions, contracts awarded, new laws etc. on a weekly or monthly basis.

Lead generation

Get custom built databases of potential customers with verified contact details and profiles for each.

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