Cancellation and refund

  • Any service or research request can be cancelled anytime be emailing to, anytime during the course of its execution
  • Cancellation charges: There are no cancellation charges as such. Client will have to pay for the number of hours spent by Bolden till the time of cancellation by client
  • Incase client finds our service significantly lacking on any of the following parameters: Accuracy, completeness, or relevance, he/she can request for a refund  
  • Bolden shall give the refund of 10-80% of the charges/fee only after client discusses the matter with Bolden and also fills a feedback form
  • Refund can be claimed only within 15 days of delivery of service
  • Once approved, refund shall be processed within 30 days of request and sent by wire transfer to bank or through payment gateway
  • Bolden shall not make any refunds in cash or cheque
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