About Us

About Bolden: Bolden is an enterprise growth focused knowledge services company in Delhi. We help clients multiply revenue, raise funding and identify new opportunities – using research insights, analysis, proven effective by top companies. Our team has jointly served over 60% of Fortune top 100 companies and introduces unbiased ideas or structure your existing ones better. Three things that define us are relevance, creativity and integrity

Our Values

  • Put client’s interest ahead of Bolden
  • Observe highest ethical standards
  • Manage client and company’s resources cost-effectively
  • Follow top management approach
  • Provide only the results that are relevant
  • Keep an independent view

Why choose us


We only provide outputs that you can use to make a difference in your business


Strict security protocols that include comprehensive background checks of team members, password protected computers that do not read external storage, secure emails, enterprise grade cloud services, regular security audits and more


We believe in doing simple things exceptionally well and ensure completeness, recentness, and accuracy of outputs

Happy People

Bolden is a fun, caring and rewarding workplace and people who support you are happy and highly motivated

All Ears

We read whatever you send multiple times and take note when you speak – to be right on target

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