Market entry, market research and funding support for technology and clean tech companies.

Bolden offers geographic expansion services to companies in the software and clean technology sectors. The turn-key solution consists of market research, market testing, partner search, vendor selection, recruitment, legal and more. We deploy top experts in the industry on your market entry engagement. We then help you hire a great team which you can host on our payroll without actually entering, to minimize the risk.

Bolden is a market research company by DNA and helps clients gain competitive edge, evaluate new opportunities and enter new markets. We also support clients with fund raising through business plans and investor liaison. Our team is comprised of people from tier 1 consulting and technology companies and our aim is to minimize the impact of climate change.




Avail only the desired bandwidth of an experienced analyst team on a monthly subscription. Choose from options ranging from 15 hours a month for $500 and access million-dollar sales opportunities.


Expand internationally in a phased, low risk manner with Bolden’s GeoMax. We incubate your company in new country under a build-own operate and transfer model (BooT). We provide end-to-end support that involves market research, recruitment, market testing, employee hosting, and local registrations. You take over the team after successful incubation.

Our clients

A California based Venture Capital firm

Dedicated outsourced analyst capacity for a leading Venture Capital firm that focuses on Biotech and Space. Bolden helps them with investor presentations, database creation and maintenance and customer database management.

An Asia Pacific based listed Technology company

Dedicated outsourced analyst capacity for a leading listed (ASX) technology company of Asia Pacific. Multiple employees working exclusively for this client.

A US-based Management Consulting firm

Helping them serve their Fortune 100 clients in technology sector. Competitor research, company profiles, newsletters, ad-hoc requests, data analysis, industry due diligence, opportunity evaluation for this client.

Client feedbackOur team has jointly served over 60% of Fortune top 100 companies and introduces unbiased ideas or structure your existing ones better. Three things that define us are relevance, creativity and integrity

Why bolden


Enterprise grade physical and information security with tools such Office 365 and identity management software like Okta.


Strong focus on listening, relevance and feedback management. Multi stage due diligence process with testing, reference checks for employees, vendors.


Extensive usage of technology for tasks such as real time expense tracking.

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