A growth focused knowledge services company

We help identify opportunities, markets, acquisition targets, monitor competition and support in business development and fund raising to fuel client’s growth. We use deep research, analytics, databases, proprietary techniques and our experience to provide you actionable insights.



Idea or opportunity evaluation

Deep dive or scan through the potential of a new business idea or an existing industry and take decisions faster, based on facts. We create industry overview packs, custom databases and more.

Vendor or solution due diligence

Get detailed analysis of vendors and solutions to find the most reliable fit. We create parameters, scorecards and do through reference checks and vendor interviews to come up with a concise report and recommendations.

Acquisition target due diligence

Identify or evaluate your potential acquisition targets through intensive research on them

Country or market due diligence

Find new markets through research based due diligence. We profile target geographies by using macroeconomic indicators such as GDP growth, disposable income levels; demographics, key potential drivers of business, key competitors.

Sales opportunity intelligence

Get to know about big sales opportunities much before competitors do. Leverage our proprietary web mining tools and experienced analysts, expert in digging out opportunities.

Industry intelligence

Track competition, clients, regulatory changes and overall industry trends regularly to stay on course of growth.




Book dedicated and only desired capacity of an experienced analyst every month ranging from two hours a day to unlimited. The analyst is equipped with latest collaboration tools such as high definition video calls, shared cloud storage, screen sharing and more.

India business hosting

Host your team in India on our payroll and avoid the hassle of legal registrations, vendor searches, people and operations management. We charge a fixed monthly management and operations fee and actual salary of the person to host your business here.

Business plans and databases

Business plans: Powerful, analytical yet simple presentations for meetings with potential investors, stakeholders and management. We do all content (data, media) and story line on a turnkey basis.
Investor databases: We build simple, useful databases of potential investors for your business. These databases are customized and include details such as person name, company name, investment profile and contact details.

India entry support

Today India is one of the most attractive markets globally. We help companies bring their products or services to India in a phased, risk mitigated manner. We offer end-to-end support starting from market research to legal registrations to real estate and vendor selection. We leverage our panel of thoroughly evaluated vendors.

Our clients

A California based Venture Capital firm:

Dedicated outsourced analyst capacity for a leading Venture Capital firm that focuses on Biotech and Space. Bolden helps them with investor presentations, database creation and maintenance and customer database management.

An Asia Pacific based listed Technology company

Dedicated outsourced analyst capacity for a leading listed (ASX) technology company of Asia Pacific. Multiple employees working exclusively for this client.

Chicago-based Management Consulting firm

Competitor research, industry due diligence, opportunity evaluation for this Chicago based management consulting firm that specializes in growth strategy.

Client feedbackOur team has jointly served over 60% of Fortune top 100 companies and introduces unbiased ideas or structure your existing ones better. Three things that define us are relevance, creativity and integrity

Why bolden


We only provide outputs that you can use to make a difference in your business


We believe in doing simple things exceptionally well and ensure completeness, recentness, and accuracy of outputs

All ears

We read whatever you send multiple times and take note when you speak – to be right on target


Strict security protocols that include comprehensive background checks of team members, password protected computers that do not read external storage, secure emails, enterprise grade cloud services, regular security audits and more

Happy people

Bolden is a fun, caring and rewarding workplace and people who support you are happy and highly motivated

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